Books to Advance Your Python Skills

· 3 min read May 20, 2022


If you have stumbled to this post .. I can bet you love python … And when you love something you should take care of it . in this small blog post i have compiled a list of books that have helped me become a better python programmer .

Note : The list is not in any particular order and there are no affliate links either :) .

We all agree with the fact that python is an easy to learn language . But the best thing that I have noticed while coding in python is how well it does a job of hiding the unneccesary abstraction yet providing the programmer with the most control .

In this section I have listed the books that will help you better understand python . Which will help you to make better decisions next time working on something whether it is which datastructure should I use or in which way the code will be more maintainable ..

Lets dive in :

1. Fluent Python - by Luciano Ramalho .

fluent python book cover

If you want to become more productive with python and you can choose only one book .. This is it .

Written by Luciano Ramalho . This book will open the multiverse of python for you .

I bet on this that you will get an Aha .. moment reading every single page of it .. summing in its own title it will make you fluent in python . and will help you make smarter decisions next time you are writing python.

It is nicely structured , starting with easier to get topics and progressively going to more advanced topics like metaprogramming and concurrency .

Who it is not for :

If are a programmer who has just started with python . This book won’t serve the purpose best and will just make the journey a little harder .

2. Programming Python -by Mark Lutz .

programming python book cover

Another Gem . This book serves a an indepth guide to python and how to use it for different usecases. Rather than being a book only about the language sematics this book does a good job at making usecases of python sound and clear .

This book is divided into sections like Introduction to python , Gui Programming , Web Programming ,etc .

I love this book mostly because it has helped me to understand the vastness of the python ecosystem . And giving an eagles eye view of different domains with python.

3. Python Cookbook

python cookbook cover

This book has a recipe for everything python . David Beazley is a well renowed name in the python community . And Python Cookbook is his masterpiece.

This is not a book of tricks but a guide to solve problem in pythonic manner . David does a good job of not only explaining the solution but also having a openended discussion about the drawbacks and edgecases ..

I have already read it 2 -3 times yet and continuoly look for day to day python problems in it .. I never upsets :)

4. Robust Python

robust python cover

Writing code at industry level scale is no fun and games . Your code is going to get changed and bashed a lot and surely is not immune to bugs . And nothing can stop it .

Writing clean code and refactoring is one the most important skills to write scalable and better .

This book just helps you to write better python . This book also throws light at the modern python features and best practices.

Recommended for everyone who wants to write more maintainable code and survive the software onslaught .

Thats it .. there are a lot of other good books also but I personally think these are the best in the bussiness . comment down which books you are going to read and which have helped you in past . :)

Some Thing to say ?